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Ventwell Exaust Fans are the result of long experience and extensive research. They conform to I.S.Specification No. 2312/1967 and are continuouly rated.

Ventwell Exaust Fans are provided with capacitor start and run induction motors - study and totally enclosed.

Ventwell designed motors are properly matched to the power requirement of the impeller. The impeller is so designed that it can deliver maximum air volume with minimum noise and power consumption. It can run without interruption at peak efficiency for years together without hardly any maintenance. To users they give optimum service at the minumum cost.

Ventwell - the versatile Fresh Air Machines have a wide variety of applications. They are available in different sweeps and speeds (single phase/three phase) for commercial and industrial application. They are excellent for home coolers as well.

Through all Exaust Fans are normally supplied with the air-flow downstream of the motor towards the impeller, the impeller of the fan can be reversed and the direction of rotation also reversed to anti-clockwise by changing the connection at the teminals.

Lastly Ventwell Exaust Fan is available with a range of ancillary equipment such as wiregraud, wall cowls ourve shutters. etc for industrial users.


  • Engineers Powered vantilation
  • Supplies cool fresh air
  • Controls pollution