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Ventwell Air Circulators are specially designed for the long performance. They are highly recommended for homes, offices, cinema halls, lounges, showrooms, board rooms, clubs, auditorium, workshoos, notes, canteens etc. Where large volume of air circulation is most essential.

Ventwell Air Circulators are available in several models - 2 winged, 3 winged or 4 winged, Pedestal and bracket types to suit specific purposes.

Venwell has designed brood wings integrally cost alluminium alloy impeller which sets a large volume of air with qulteness of operation.

Ventwell Air Circulators are far sperior than conventional fans because of their greater air throw and extensive coverage.

Ventwell Air Circulators are tested to IS: 2997 - 1964,


  • Power-packed totally enclosed heavy duty motor made of specially tested materials and with skill supervision to ensure long trouble free service.
  • Avalable in 230 volts - single phase and 415 volts - three phase - 50 cycles A.C.supply.
  • Heavy pedestal base with arangement for fitting costor wheel to facillitate movement (Castor arrangement can be supported on request at extra cost).
  • Choke type regulator is an integral part of Pedestal type and an optional for Bracket type fans. Stepless electronic reguloator cna be available at extra cost.
  • Special auditorium type circulators are available on request. They are whisper-soft in operation and of 920 r.p.m. in 2.3 or 4 blades.