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VENTWELL make Axial Flow Fans are manufactured for efficient and trouble free operation. Apart from its rigid construction, an aerofoil section of cast aluminium alloy impeller (fixed pitch and adjustable pitch) balanced statically and dynamically, is used. To ensure flawless castings, samples of the impellers are radio graphically tested based on usage. VENTWELL manufactures Axial Flow Fan for HVAC & Exhaust applications having capacity up to 200000 CMH and impeller diameter up to 3000mm. The fans are available with V belt drive and direct drive type.

Type of Axial Fans

  • Low Pressure for HVAC & Exhaust Application
  • Medium Pressure for Mine Ventilation, Tunnel (Road/Rail) Ventilation, Exhaust Application
  • Mountings – Foot / Wall / Roof
  • Also available for flexible and semi rigid ducting for Ventilation and exhaust application.